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We are founded by undergraduate students looking to expand their skill sets in this competitive field and providing software services for individuals and businesses.

Founded January 2022

Through the idea of our ambitious developers, distrotek was created to help individuals and companies start their own projects, which are customizable at any given request. The whole procedure is documented so that our clients can understand the code behind the product.

With the assistance of our business and software teams, we make sure to carefully examine our customer's needs and create a product to the highest standard. We use this opportunity to connect with our customers and establish strong relationships to make sure that both parties come out winning.

Our team identifies the goals of your project while completing the necessary research. After this, we start developing a user experience strategy to build your project. Quality assurance will occur throughout the development of your project, ensuring that all features are fully functional while living up to your expectations. distrotek then guides you to a successful launch of your desired software project.

We use trusted brands.

You're in good hands when you're with distrotek. We use reliable services that millions of people use daily.

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